Monday, December 3, 2012

Working Memory

Working memory refers to your ability to temporarily store and manipulate information. For example, a set of numbers is given and you have to repeat them in reverse order.

Working memory is the link between what you see, think, or experience and either long-term or short-term memory. This can impact the child in all academic areas. It may appear as inattention, failure to complete assignments, slow processing speed, or careless mistakes. These children do not have impulsive or hyperactive behaviors. 

To see if you or your child has problems in working memory, read a sentence, then cover it up and see if he or she can recall the last word. 

How can you help your child with working memory problems? There are a number of steps you can follow:

Use visual reminders when possible.

Present new information in smaller chunks.

Encourage your child to write things down as a reminder.

Play plenty of board games, do puzzles and memory games to strengthen working memory abilities.

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