Saturday, January 4, 2014

Unusual Study Tips - Part Two

Here are a couple of more study tips that you may not have discovered:

  • Learn like a four-year-old
    • Encourage your child to continually ask "Why?"
    • Begin with one sentence. After your youngster reads it, ask a why question. 
      • Read, "The bear went in the woods."
      • Ask "Why would the bear go in the woods?"
      • This encourages your little one to think about what he or she is reading. 
    • This is especially effective when learning factual information - think social studies or science. 
    • This takes a little time, but is no cost, and really boosts reading comprehension. 
    • For fourth grade and above. 
  • Tell it to yourself
    • After reading a section of a textbook or reviewing notes, have your student ask herself
      • What is the new information?
      • How does it relate to what I already know?
      • This method is appropriate from Kindergarten and up. 
      • It helps with basic foundation ideas by improving memory, comprehension, and problem solving. 
What are your best study tips?