Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Book Review - "The Thorn, Book One in the Chronicles of Gan" By Daron Fraley

Daron Fraley has dared to imagine what life might be like on another planet during the period just prior to Christ's life on earth. Tribes that sprang from a single ancestor are now at war. Biblical prophecies are interwoven with descriptions of a world similar yet far different from ours.

Following a difficult battle, Jonathan finds his father, the emporer, has been killed. As he continues to fight for his clan, he spares the life of a soldier from an enemy tribe. Can men from different clans work together to battle enemies from two different groups bent on total conquest? Will they remain true to each other and overcome the challenges they face?

I really enjoyed this book. The characters are compelling and the storyline will not only draw you in, but hold your attention to the end. The situations feel like stories from the Old Testament, creating a unique blend of fantasy and realism that will stay with you after you finish reading. This book was so interesting that I have recommended it to family members, and can't wait for the next installment.

You can order your copy of "The Thorn" here, and be sure to learn more about the author by visiting his website.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Book Review - "I'll Know You by Heart" by Kimberly Job

Stephanie Roberts is struggling to escape her emotional ties to an abusive husband while supporting and raising her children alone. Where and how will they live? Can they stay safe? How will her children do without a father's influence? What should she do next?

With her life in turmoil, Stephanie meets Jared Wakefield. Each feels a spark of recognition, but she is not yet free of her past. Will Stephanie be willing to love again? Can she feel whole enough to trust another man? When Jared learns of her former life, will he still be interested?

Kimberly Job's characters are vivid and real. Her sensitive treatment of such difficult topics as abuse, difficulties, and difficulties found in some marriages will help you understand the challenges many face in these situations. This is not a simple "happily every after" romance. You will experience the circumstances and emotions that influence Stephanie's choices and take heart as Stephanie recovers through the healing power of love. 

Can't wait to dig into this engrossing and motivating tale of romance? Order "I'll Know You by Heart" here.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Contest Winner #1!

Congratulations to winner #1 - Cindy Beck! Send me your email address & I'll get your gift card right out!

See the post below and enter to win an autographed copy of (dis) Abilities and the Gospel shipped when it's released in June!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Autism Awareness Month, Book Giveaways and More!

Celebrate Autism Awareness Month! Wondering what to do?

Wear a puzzle ribbon, have discussions with your friends, investigate bills currently before Congress that deal with disabilities. Click here for more information!

Discover sensory-friendly films for the family here.

Learn how "Build-A-Bear Workshops" are supporting Autism Speaks!

The BEST way to celebrate would be to preorder (dis) Abilities and the Gospel here at a discount price!

In honor of Autism Awareness Month and my new book, (dis) Abilities and the Gospel, My coauthor, Danyelle Ferguson, and I are sponsoring a contest! Prizes will be awarded each week.

You really want to know about the prizes, right?

Week 1 – $10 Gift Card to Autism Speaks

Week 2 – An autographed copy of (dis)Abilities and the Gospel to be mailed in June.

Week 3 – 8x10 Autism Awareness Art Print

Week 4 – An autographed copy of (dis)Abilities and the Gospel to be mailed in June.

How to enter:

1 entry each - FB and/or Tweet about the pre-order w/ link to Valor pre-order link

1 entry each – FB and/or Tweet this contest post w/ link to this post

2 entries each – Blog about Autism Awareness Month & the book order w/ links to both author websites ( and and theValor pre-order link. Include the contest information w/ a link to our blog for an extra 2 entries.

3 entries – Sign up for our mailing list (snail mail address) & email newsletter. We will only send stuff to you via snail mail if we have a signing coming to your area. The email newsletters vary, but do not come out more than once per week. Your information will not be shared with anyone outside of the two of us. Email Danyelle at and email Lynn at

5 entries – Pre-order (dis)Abilities and the Gospel. Click here to pre-order.
For us to see your FB & Twitter statuses, you need to make us friends. We'll also have to be invited to view private blogs for your post to be eligible. You are still welcome to blog about the contest and book!

You can enter on each blog. All entries will be combined together and a winner drawn each week. You do not need to leave a separate comment for each entry. Just let us know what you did & we’ll add the entry points to our spreadsheet.

Good luck!