Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Book Review - "I'll Know You by Heart" by Kimberly Job

Stephanie Roberts is struggling to escape her emotional ties to an abusive husband while supporting and raising her children alone. Where and how will they live? Can they stay safe? How will her children do without a father's influence? What should she do next?

With her life in turmoil, Stephanie meets Jared Wakefield. Each feels a spark of recognition, but she is not yet free of her past. Will Stephanie be willing to love again? Can she feel whole enough to trust another man? When Jared learns of her former life, will he still be interested?

Kimberly Job's characters are vivid and real. Her sensitive treatment of such difficult topics as abuse, difficulties, and difficulties found in some marriages will help you understand the challenges many face in these situations. This is not a simple "happily every after" romance. You will experience the circumstances and emotions that influence Stephanie's choices and take heart as Stephanie recovers through the healing power of love. 

Can't wait to dig into this engrossing and motivating tale of romance? Order "I'll Know You by Heart" here.