Saturday, December 28, 2013

Special Education Saturday - Unusual Study Tips Part One

Students tend to develop their own unique study patterns. Some methods they have been taught by teachers or parents, others they've just found practical and workable. Recent research has revealed that some of the things we think work well actually don't, and others produce great results.

  • Self-testing - Proven to work!
    • Can be done through flash cards, sample questions, self-made tests, or Cornell notes.
    • Works for learners of all ages and levels. 
    • Benefits appear even if the self-test is a different format than the real thing. 
    • Low cost in time and money

  • Distributed Practice - Proven to work!
    • Involves reviewing information on a daily basis (the opposite of cramming).
    • Appropriate for students of all ages for all subjects.
    • Requires advanced planning and avoiding procrastination.
    • Low cost and easy to do. 

What is your best study tip?

Coming next week - More promising methods.