Monday, June 28, 2010

New Contest! Win a $40 Gift Certificate!

Enter to win a $40 gift certificate good for use in any of CSN's more than 200 online stores! Whether you need dining room furniture, housewares, baby items, office supplies, or new shoes, CSN has a store for you.

Ready to win? Here's how:

1. Become a new follower on my blog for five entries.

2. Post a comment telling me how you'd like to spend your gift certificate for one entry (you can post a different entry for this each day).

3. Tweet about this contest or post it on Facebook for two entries each.

4. Find something you love here and post a comment about it for one entry (you can find something new every day).

5. Post a link to this on your blog for the duration of this contest (5 entries).

6. Be sure to post a comment and tell me how you entered. Good luck!

Enter every day, if you wish! The winner will be announced Monday, July 12. Your one-time-use gift certificate will arrive via email. There may be shipping charges for those living in Canada, or international fees on some products. Start posting those comments and get ready to shop!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mean Old Mom

I recently received the following text from my daughter, who has just started college, "Thank you for teaching me how to do laundry". This was one of many texts (like "can taking too much vitamin C turn you orange", and "my boss is selling his Jaguar for only $8,000" that required a little more investigation.

Cassie explained to me that she was doing a couple of loads when some other freshmen entered the laundry room. After asking which machines were the washers, and which were the dryers, one girl panicked because she didn't know that the washer would stop if you lifted the lid. After the initial disbelief and the resultant mocking, Cassie discovered an important truth. Mom wasn't mean, she was just preparing me for life.

My children started doing their laundry in middle school. This was partially because I had four children, but mostly because I didn't want to raise helpless young adults. I had run into many students as a high school teacher who had never given anyone a present, taken care of their clothes, or made an independent purchase. I was very concerned about their future independence.

So, while it may seem like doing everything for your children is an expression of love and support, it's not. After all, if you continue to carry them, they'll never learn to walk.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Underwater Pogo Schtik

While on a recent trip, I finished reading my novel, and decided to take a look at the “Sky Mall” magazine. In it I found some interesting buys—including some you can’t live without! We’re not just talking your average nose hair trimmer here. You can find awesome for your animal associates,

Perfect Pet Products

You can use the Canine Genealogy kit to analyze your dog’s DNA to discover the breed, physical characteristics, behavioral tendencies, and personality traits. Just in case you haven’t picked up on those things by living with the animal. Get double duty out of your decorating with an end table that’s also a pet crate. Let Fido blend in with the furniture. Or purchase the Kitty Washroom Cabinet to disguise the litter box.

Add a Potty Rock to help with toilet training outside. This cement rock has a built-in scent that encourages pets to “go” in a certain area. Assuming you’re willing to spend money on something that smells like dog urine. Spot tired of taking a daily walk? Get the Pet Wheel-Away and take him for a ride in what is essentially a wheeled suitcase that converts to a backpack.

Household Helpers

What about animals you don’t want? Use the Solar-Powered Mole Repeller to get rid of those pests safely with annoying vibrations. Do you really want to purchase a product that’s designed to be annoying?

Tired of that daily trek to the curb? Get the Step2 Mailbox with the hidden compartment capable of storing up to two weeks of deliveries.

Worried about intruders? Decorate your garden with Bigfoot, the Garden Yeti Statue. A steal at $98.95 plus $15 shipping and handling, guaranteed to keep even friendly neighbors away.

Fun and Games

And finally, the world’s only underwater pogo stick. I can have hours of fun splashing around the pool on this. Designed for use in shallow or deep water, looks like hours of entertainment for the whole family--not!

So, next time you're in the air, check out the assortment of "useful" products in the Sky Mall--worth a laugh!