Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Book Reviews - Smartboys Series by Rebecca Shelley

How could you resist a book with the title Bees in my Butt? The sequels, including We Flushed it Down the Potty, I Took a Burp, and I Lost My Head, are equally entertaining.

Bees in my Butt introduces us to the "Smartboys Club", a group of youngsters that are eager to learn, but not to stand out from the other students. Johnny Lovebird (Monkey to his friends) is having, well, some digestive troubles at school caused by a dinner of Mexican food the night before. This could be very embarassing, but Monkey manages to turn this into an advantage when ninjas attack the school.

We Flushed it Down the Potty continues the adventure. Can the friends take on some bullies and find a missing heirloom wedding ring? Once again, Rebecca Shelley has made it cool to be smart while creating an adventure that elementary school children will love.

I Took a Burp introduces us to a new girl in school, Sandra. After she disappears during school, the Smartboys Club members must work together to solve the mystery. Could she really be a spy?

I Lost my Head, the fourth book in the series, reunites the friends in a spooky Halloween tale. Monkey and his friends must work together to rid the school library of a ghost and keep Monkey in the school.

What a fun series, and it's not over yet. Begin your collection of the Smartboys Club books here