Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The LDS Disabilities Web Site--An Awesome Resource!

The LDS Disabilities web site can be found here. Let's take a look at how this site can help parents, teachers, and church leaders.

There is a disability list. It is not meant to be exhaustive, but covers the general categories. One example is the mental illness category. Parents can be reminded not to take behavior related to the mental illness personally. Teachers can learn mental illness is not a punishment from God. Leaders will understand how to include that person in ward activities.

The family section lists specific help for parents, such as how to explain disabilities to siblings. This page is also for teachers, and they can discover that by babysitting, they can give the parents a chance to strengthen their marriage. Leaders can use information such as the advice to grandparents to counsel families.

The question and answer page has a link to statistics of how many members are affected by disabilities. Families will be encouraged to learn they are not alone. Teachers can take advantages of the resources section, and leaders can review doctrine and policies.

In the general information section, families can review the First Presidency statement about disabilities. Teachers and leaders will learn how to show respect for those with disabilities.

The leaders and teachers section also relates to families. They can share this information with ward members to increase understanding. Teachers will learn how to adapt lessons and manage classrooms effectively. Leaders will understand the importance of building a relationship of trust.

Accessible materials provides a resource for parents, teachers, and leaders. From audio scriptures to Braille and sign language materials, those with disabilities can access Church materials.

The final section, scriptures and quotes, gives inspiration to everyone. Take advantage of this wonderful resource that makes the Gospel available to everyone, regardless of ability. You'll find it helps you in ways you cannot yet imagine.