Saturday, June 16, 2012

Persistence Comes from Fathers!

Whether you're finishing up a difficult project, passing a hard class, or just showing up for work every day, thank your father.

A new study from Brigham Young University indicates that when fathers teach their children persistence, there are higher engagement rates in school and much less delinquency.

A habit of persistence pays off later in life as these youngsters are better prepared to work hard and cope with the stress we all face.

How does this happen? Children learn the following from their dads:

1. Love, compassion, and warmth.
2. Why rules exist and why they must be followed.
3. How to work hard and be self-sufficient.

Fathers who followed the above steps had kids with higher levels of persistence. This is one indicator of the important role of fathers in the lives of children.

What do we learn from this? If a biological father is not in the picture, it's very important that a substitute male role model be available for the sake of the children. This "dad sub" must make an effort to express affection, take time to talk about rules and how the world works, and set the example of hard work.

Thanks, Dad!