Saturday, October 12, 2013

Special Education Saturday - The Eight Advantages of Asperger's Syndrome

Note: This is based on a handout I received at a workshop--author unknown.

1. Focus - This allows the individual to work through challenging tasks.

2. Unique Global Insights - They can make new connections between facts and ideas, which gives them new insights and the ability to draw their own conclusions.

3. Independent Thinking - Helps them discover new options and opportunities and forge their own path.

4. Internal Motivation - They go their own way without being moved by the conventions, opinions, or social pressure generated by others.

5. Attention to Detail - Helps them solve complex problems without becoming overwhelmed or missing something.

6. 3-Dimensional Thinking - Helps with creative and original solutions to problems.

7. Cutting Through the Smoke Screen - This recognition and willingness to share the truth can lead to project success.

8. Logical Decision Making - Keeps them from being swayed by distractions and keeps them on track. This is a huge benefit when making their way through tough situations.

What other advantages have you seen?