Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Video Games and Your Child

Researchers have determined that when children play video games for three or more hours each day, they are more likely to be involved in fights, are more hyperactive, and have less interest in school. These results happen no matter the type of game played.

While the researchers found no link between violent video games and aggression, there was also no effect on social skills or grades for those who played games focusing on puzzles and strategy. The improvement in academics, emotional health, and behavior were found in those who played cooperative or non-violent competition one hour per day or less. Teens who consistently play violent games were also found to have delayed moral judgement.

Need more reasons to limit "screen time"?

  • Teens who play for more than an hour a day run an increased risk of becoming addicted as adults, which may cause them to drop out of college, lose work, or become unable to develop normal social relationships. 
  • Adolescents with autism have more propensity to become addicted, leading to more oppositional behavior, lowered levels of social skills, additional arguments, and home disruption. 
  • Those with ADD/ADHD have worsened social skills, increased aggression, poorer time management, and academic problems. 
How do you set limits on screen time?