Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Problems with Anger Management, Homework, or Anxiety? A Different Solution.....

A poll by University of Michigan's C.S. Mott Children's hospital revealed that while most parents visit the pediatrician prepared to ask questions about new physical symptoms demonstrated by their children, they often neglect to mention behavior changes.

The problem? Behavior and emotions are often linked to physical problems. For example:

  • Temper tantrums could be triggered by 
    • gastric pain from a food allergy or sensitivity
    • a seizure disorder
    • ADHD
  • Sudden homework problems may arise from
    • vision difficulties
    • anxiety
    • sleep of poor quality
    • depression
    • ADD/ADHD
  • Anxiety could be the result of
    • depression
    • asthma
    • diabetes
    • thyroid problems
    • heart disease
    • irritable bowel syndrome
What do you do? Discuss sudden changes in behavior and emotions (such as sadness that lasts for a month or longer) or symptoms that are unusual for the child's age, with your family doctor. Together you can consult about the most appropriate interventions.