Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I've been thinking about respect lately. How do we develop respect for others, demonstrate that respect, and get others to respect us.

Certain professions naturally garner respect. Most people seem to respect doctors and other professions that are highly paid. Others respect those with high positions in society.

What is worthy of your respect? Wealth can disappear, as can privileges and placement. It's difficult to respect intangible things such as honor and valor.

I choose to respect people and organizations who demonstrate ethics and principles I admire.

How do you demonstrate your respect? I find the best ways to show respect is to listen and demonstrate common courtesy.

Commanding respect is another matter. I don't believe respect can be commanded at all. It may be earned through courteous behavior and outward demonstrations of inward beliefs. If you behave in a respectful manner, I believe others will usually treat you with respect.

During the past few days, many have treated me disrespectfully. I hope to encourage better behavior by setting a good example. If this is unsuccessful, I hope to explain things to the rest.