Monday, August 22, 2011

Thoughts from the First Day of School

Today was the first day of school in my district, as in many others. Adults flash back to memorable first days, anticipate the same for their children, and worry about what might be.

This flood of conflicting emotions often boils over. When it does, school staff members are often the ones burned.

A few reminders to keep in mind during this school year:
  • Educators do not go into the field for money or glory. There isn't any. They do it for the kids.
  • School staff members are not perfect. We make mistakes, as do you. Let's forgive each other and move on.
  • We probably don't know what made you unhappy at your last school, and don't appreciate being held responsible for things outside our control.
  • People who work in schools want the best outcome for all students. We don't want children to be unsuccessful.
  • Many teachers act as surrogate parents, purchasing clothing and school supplies, giving guidance, and watching children when their families are delayed after school.
  • We just want a chance to do the best we can. Please give it to us.
How's this for a proposal: Let's look for the best in each other and work together for the sake of your child. Please leave a positive comment!