Monday, April 30, 2012

At Season's End by Eric Hendershot

"At Season's End" by Eric Hendershot is a sweet story set during the depression. It follows the life of Sally as she travels across the country with her mother, father, and younger brother, Tim.

The live of itinerant farm workers is a continual struggle. Forced off their farm. little family relies on faith, hard work, and the kindness of strangers to survive. They are not above inventing a history to improve their lot, but overall live by a strong moral code. At one point, they try to settle down to a more typical lifestyle. After going back on the road, a double tragedy hits the family and the siblings must find a way to survive.

I was fascinated to learn why some people choose to continue live in this way. They form strong friendships and a supportive community that bands together in challenging times. These people are free with their money and property to the point of sacrificing necessities. I was impressed by their charity and love.

You will enjoy this book through both laughter and tears and look forward to a sequel.

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