Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Warning Signs of Autism - One Year Old

Experts can look at videos of a child's first birthday party and tell with amazing accuracy whether or not the toddler will later be diagnosed with autism. What do they see that others may miss? Problems with social relationships and communication are among the areas of concern.

Social relationship problems include not making eye contact when smiling, little or no joint attention (looking at what others point out or sharing sights with others), doesn't share objects or pass things back and forth, and no empathy or reaction to the emotions of others.

Communication challenges may include the absence of babbling, no response to his or her name, and no gestures such as waving.

For more information, check out The Help Group at http://www.thehelpgroup.org/facts_signs.htm.

Still concerned? See your pediatrician and request a referral for additional evaluation.