Monday, May 7, 2012

Book Review: "Dispirited" by Luisa M. Perkins

Cathy thinks her life is going downhill. Her father passed away and her mother has remarried. This blended family, including Cathy's younger sisters and a new creepy stepbrother, has moved from the excitement of new York City to the suburbs. To top it all off, scary things begin to happen to this high school senior.

Blake's mother has also died. He misses her so much he discovered how to make his spirit leave his body to search for his mom. Until someone--or something--takes possession of Blake's body and won't let him back in.   The invader also begins to abuse Blake's body.The disembodied spirit tries everything to get back to his body, but is unsuccessful for seven years.

Blake is invisible to most people, but Cathy can see him. She soon discovers she has special gifts. Will they be enough to reunite her new friend with his body? Can she even save herself and her new boyfriend, Rich?

Perkins' novel makes the improbable believable. You will be drawn into the story by the entrancing characters, and be unable to put it down until the stunning conclusion.

You can purchase "Dispirited" at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.