Saturday, May 12, 2012

Warning Signs of Autism - 24 Months of Age and Beyond

The signs of autism are slightly different in two-year-olds than infants. They include the following:

  • No shared attention (pointing out objects to others).
  • Doesn't imitate the actions of others.
  • No make believe play.
  • Doesn't use single words by 16 months old. and two-word phrases by 24 months.
There are also other areas of concern in older children, such as:

  • Loss of language skills at any age.
  • Repetitive movements such as spinning and hand flapping.
  • Toe walking rather than on the full foot and delayed motor skills.
  • Oversensitive to sensory stimulation such as sounds, lights, touch, or food textures.
  • Focus on a single object for long periods of time.
  • Playing with toys in unusual ways such as spinning wheels and lining up objects rather than typical usage.
  • Overraction to change.
  • Excessive tantrumming, difficult to console, does not like to cuddle/be touched.
As always, if you have concerns, see your pediatrician for screening.