Monday, May 21, 2012

Speech Development - What Sounds at What Ages?

Parents often worry about their child's speech from an early age. I was concerned about my oldest son at the age of 5 when he said "f" instead of "th". Our friends, the Thatchers, weren't to excited to be called the "Fatchers", either. Here's a list of what sounds should be present and when.

3 Years:

  • "p" as in pike and up
  • "m" as in me and am
  • "n" as in no and on
  • "h" as in hi
  • "w" as in want
4 Years:
  • "b" as in bye and tub
  • "d" as in do and had
  • "k" as in cow and book
  • "g" as in go and big
  • "f" as in four and off
5 Years:
  • "ng" as in sing
  • "t" as in toe and hit
  • "y" as in you
6 Years:
  • "l" as in like and ball
7 Years:
  • "r" as in run and car
  • "s" as in see and bus
  • "z" as in zoo and nose
  • "v" as in van and have
  • "sh" as in shoe and push
  • "ch as in chat and watch
  • "j" as in jump and page
  • "th" as in thin, both, that, and mother
As you can see, I had no reason to worry as he wasn't expected to develop that sound for a couple more years. If you are concerned, contact your pediatrician or local public school for a referral to a Speech Language Pathologist for an evaluation.