Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Book Review and Free Book: "Million Dollar Diva" by Tristi Pinkston, Brett Kitchen, & Ethan Kap

Tristi Pinkston was slowly being enveloped by debt. She and her husband looked for ways to save money, but continued to struggle. Enter Brett Kitchen & Ethan Kap, coauthors of Smart Money Millionaire. Tristi had enough faith in them to not only open up her accounts for scrutiny, but to share her challenges to give hope to others. She is practicing the principles found in Million Dollar Diva. 

Tristi now has a clear financial vision of where she wants to be. She and her husband are rapidly lowering their debt while improving their financial status. Now it's our turn. Get your free author copy of Million Dollar Diva  at

You'll learn to begin with a firm vision. Then it's time to take ownership of the problem and follow the process outlined by Kitchen & Kap.

These professional financial planners give advice based on years of success with many clients. They ask you to begin by creating a strong vision of your future.

After you have your vision firmly in place, you'll learn sound monetary practices, how to make unemotional spending decisions, track your spending, get out of debt faster, avoid an entitlement mentality, and amplify your income.

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