Thursday, November 15, 2012

Take Control of Your Life!

About 18 months ago I decided some changes were needed. I felt that too many aspects of my life were slipping out of control.

At times, events happen that can make us feel lost and helpless. This was not the case for me. I had allowed my priorities to become misplaced and had over-committed myself. It was past time for a new plan.

Of course I wanted everything to change right then.  But that's not possible in even the best of circumstances.  My home was in disarray. My health was not good. I struggled to find time for friends. I often felt sad and alone. I decided to focus on one thing at a time.

I began with my house. I was struggling to keep it clean, and many things needed maintaining. It was overwhelming, especially when combined with the demands of work and classes for my PhD.

I decided to at least take a step. I made sure my bed was made every morning. Not just on weekends, or on days when I had an extra few minutes before work. Every morning.

As it turned out, this three-minute task changed my life.

Have you ever done one small thing that made a huge difference?