Sunday, September 1, 2013

Book Review - "Love, Hugs and Hope" by Christy Monson

"Love, Hugs, and Hope"

We live in a world where tragedy touches us all. It is especially difficult to explain the unexplainable to children when you don't know what to do.

This book is the perfect tool to prompt conversations and provide coping strategies with the youngsters you love. An excellent tool for parents, teachers, and therapists. I regret that many little ones have to deal the harsh realities of 2013, but am glad that this resource is now available. I intend to get copies to keep for emergencies, and I recommend you do, too.

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From the publisher:

Written after the tragic Newtown, Connecticut, shooting, this book is an invaluable tool to help parents and children work through feelings after a tragedy. Our kids deal, not only with national tragedies, but every day ones like death of a grandparent, loss of a puppy, or divorce. This book guides readers through emotions of fear, sadness and anger, then offers constructive ideas for managing these feelings and seeking comfort. The message of the book is that love chases away hate and light banishes darkness. Lori Nawyn's engaging illustrations help the reader know that hope is only a hug away.

The book is available at: Amazon

FCC Disclosure: I was given a free digital copy in exchange for an honest review.