Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Eight Ways to Use Visuals for Comprehension at Home

Many children with disabilities have significant memory problems. Not only does this impact academics, but parents often see challenges when giving directions or trying to teach basic life skills.

Here are a few ways visuals can be incorporated into your home life:

  • They can be used to help communicate (no yelling)

  • The child can use visuals to make requests or choices
Sample PECS Cards

  •  Use visual reminders for personal care routines
This FREE Bathroom Visual Schedule For Boys contains all aspects of using the restroom. From knocking on the door to closing the light, you can select the icons that work best for your students' needs. Mount the icons on a white strip of your own, or use the bathroom and washing hands strips that are provided.
  • Daily schedules can be communicated through visuals,

  •  as can changes

  • Pictures can help teach household tasks
  • Children can be taught to work for a reward with visuals

  • Pictures can also be used for lists in the community
Free Grocery List template and Free pictures of common grocery items!

How do you use visuals at home?

Next time: using visuals for comprehension in school subjects