Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What Makes a Bully?

Bullying is a hot topic right now. One thing that is in hot debate is what constitutes bullying. Experts state that bullying can be divided into three categories, including physical, verbal, and relationship.

Physical bullying can mean physically harming someone, or threatening to hurt them. It also includes taking or damaging the property of someone else. Forcing a person to do something against their will also falls into this category.

Verbal bullying can include anything from name-calling to teasing or insulting someone.

Relationship bullying takes place when one person refuses to talk to another or spreads lies or rumors about them.

One important part of deciding whether or not the actions of another are bullying is time. Incidents that happen once are unpleasant, but not bullying. Events must happen again and again over a long period of time to really be bullying.

Why do bullies do what they do? Power. If they can intimidate someone, they have control over them.

Watch this space soon for information about what do do about bullies.