Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday Wellness: Stress Reduction and Another Winner!

Well, we've been making our beds for some time now, and taking steps to do the things we've been putting off. How do you feel about yourself at this point? Don't worry if you haven't been perfect. Anything you've accomplished is progress.

Great job!

Now we're going to reduce a little stress. Take a look at your day. When do you get the most stressed? For me, it's mornings. I try to get up early enough to allow time for the unexpected, but sometimes those challenges knock your day off track. Here are some things that have derailed my plans in the past:

  • Stray cat threw up on the hood of my car. Grossly unexpected, and I had to stop and deal with it even though I was running late. 
  • Project took much longer than anticipated.
  • Short phone calls that took too long. 
  • Forgot something important at home (like my cell phone) and had to run back. 
  • Spent time looking for a misplaced document. 
Some of these things (stray cat, longer projects, etc.) were, and continue to be, out of my control. I needed a plan to take care things within my power to change. 

I decided I didn't have time to look for misplaced documents at work. I purchased an alphabetized accordion file and put all loose documents in according to last name. I save hours of panicked searching every month with this simple system. 

I also now choose to prepare everything I need for the next day the night before. No more changing outfits because a button is missing, or running home for my cell phone. It also helps me leave early, so I can deal with things like feral felines. 

These organizing efforts have reduced my stress by an unbelievable degree. I've also discovered that when I begin the day feeling less stress, I'm more confident, feel more in control, and have better self-esteem.

What are you going to try to reduce your stress? Remember to 
  • Choose something within your control.
  • Find a solution that is inexpensive and fairly simple to implement. 
  • Post a comment about your challenge, what you're going to do, or asking a question!
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