Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wednesday Wellness: Make your Bed, Win a Scarf, and Make your Life Better!

A few months ago, I read that the path to happiness begins by making your bed. I made my bed as a child because my mother insisted I do so. I made my bed when I moved into a college dorm because my roommate made hers. I made my bed as a young married woman because I felt it was part of my job.

We didn't have money for a bed frame for many years, so our mattress and box springs sat on the floor. After my mother-in-law saw me make the bed on my knees six months pregnant with our second son, she bought us a frame. I don't remember feeling especially put out by doing this chore at floor-level, but I appreciated the gift.

As more children came along, I continued to make my bed as an example to them. When my status changed from stay-at-home mother to working mother, bed making was bumped down the priority list at some point.

Unfortunately, many other aspects of my life began to slip as well. I've been working at pulling many things back into line. Most people feel they have a few things out of control, also.

The advantages of making your bed:

  • It only takes about three minutes, but provides a strong sense of accomplishment. 
  • Those who make their beds are usually more disciplined and organized than those who do not.
  • This small success can give you the courage to take on and achieve more difficult challenges.
I'm inviting you to participate in this journey with me, beginning with your bed making skills. Make a small goal to make your bed every morning this week. The only exception is if you are too ill to get up.

Leave a comment if you're willing to join me--and enter to win this beautiful handmade scarf!

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