Saturday, March 16, 2013

Special Education Saturday - Another Lesson from Temple Grandin

Shared interests are important for all families. When I was a child, we spent a lot of time fishing. Family activities are fun, teach important skills, and create a bond.

Shared interests are especially important for children with disabilities. Temple Grandin said that her social skills were build while participating in school clubs such as the robotics team. Every child has special interests. Most schools will have some kind of club, team, or activity that aligns with that hobby.

The trick is finding the club and encouraging your child to take part. A child who skateboards and enjoys movement may like soccer. Those who play video games may enjoy drawing or computers. Boy Scouts provides opportunities for a wide range of interests.

There are many benefits to these groups. Children who participate in a team sport or activity are less likely to drop out of school. Their grades tend to be better, and they have more friends. They are better able to deal with setbacks because of an improve social network. There are also ample opportunities to practice social and friendship skills, which are vital to adult life.

My boys were in the band, while my girls built the sets for the theater and were captains of the rifle team. The important thing is not what activity, but that it exists.

What activities do your children enjoy?