Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wellness Wednesday - Taking a Break

We all get to the point where we're tired. Doing the same thing every day, fitting tasks into small chunks of time around larger tasks, and feeling discouraged can all take its toll.

What to do?

There is value in down time. Relaxing, taking it easy, and giving yourself breathing space are all great ways to relax. It's hard for me to do something when I feel like I'm not getting something done, but taking time out makes us more productive in the long run.

One of the techniques I've found most valuable is to spend time with a hobby. This activity should be something you enjoy and does not provide additional stress.

I enjoy needle crafts  They are relaxing, creative, and I like having something to give family members. But there are times when I impose deadlines on myself. This adds to my stress rather than relieving it. I have to make an effort to relax and appreciate the process rather than looking at the end product.

I also like to spend time with my family. I used to feel that I had to cook for them nonstop, but have learned that they appreciate me better when I am relaxed and able to participate in activities with them rather than being the chef. It's all about priorities.

How do you relax?