Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wellness Wednesday - Advantages of Video Games

There is no denying that many children and young adults are addicted to video games. They play during every moment of free time to the exclusion of other activities. Excessive playing may even interfere with school, jobs, or relationships.

Many parents would like video games banned from their homes entirely. But there are some benefits. Video games have proven helpful for those with dyslexia and can be used to tn the brain to make visual decisions faster and better. They have also been successfully used to facilitate communication for children with autism.

In a study conducted by Duke University, children with dyslexia were evaluated before and after playing video games. Those who played the games that were engaging and action-packed were able to read more accurately afterwards. They also had a longer attention span. These benefits are worth further investigation.

Those who play video games on a regular basis are used to detecting visual information. They retain this data and use it to make decisions regarding play on a daily basis. This gives them a better ability to retain relevant information while discarding unimportant details, a vital reading skill.

Children with autism frequently play games on iPads that allow them to communicate. They are also more willing to be involved in activities required for social or life skills when games are involved.

What games have helped your children?