Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wellness Wednesday - Probiotics and Depression

A recent study by the Human Microbiome Project revealed an additional link between our gastrointestinal systems and our brains. Turns out, what happens in our digestive tracts can change emotions and behaviors.

The short version is that probiotics can have an impact on how we act and feel. How? By changing the chemical makeup of your blood and physical changes in the brain itself.

When you have more probiotics in your system and are stressed, less corticosteroids are released in your bloodstream, and you are able to remain calmer for a longer period of time. You are less likely to have an emotional or physical reaction with these lower levels.

In addition, the brain creates more receptors of a type that reduces anxiety. This means you naturally have a better capacity to relax.

The takeaway? Get out there and eat some yogurt, or take probiotic supplements. Your mood will thank you.