Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wellness Wednesday - Changing Our Outlook

About a month ago, I was invited to speak at a conference on religion and disabilities. I was only able to get off work for 1 day of the 2.5 of the conference,  but my coauthor could entire the entire event. Frustrating? Yes, but I chose to appreciate the time I was offered.

Then a very important work meeting was scheduled during the same time I was scheduled to speak. Again, I  made a conscious determination to look for a solution rather than becoming upset. My boss agreed to let someone else attend in my place. Relief.

I found out during a work meeting that the class I was supposed to teach had been moved to lunch time that day. I had a day packed with meetings, but was able to slip away and do the class. That afternoon, the assistant principal at my school asked if I could take time from my one personal day at the event to make some phone calls. I politely refused, and she was very gracious about it.

Today is my time to spend learning and giving the keynote address. I anticipate there will be some challenges, but pray things will go well. If they don't, I'll have more opportunities to practice my patience.

How do you take setbacks in stride?