Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wellness Wednesday - Edited Thoughts

Latest in a series of blog posts based on "Train Your Brain to Get Happy" by Aubele, Wenck, & Reynolds.

Many times what is making us unhappy are not our circumstances, but what we think about our lives. Here's how to edit your thoughts and lift your mood:

  • Run your impressions by your friends to check accuracy. 
  • Have a planned distraction--something else to think about, preferably a happy time in your life. 
  • Give yourself a break. It's often easier to forgive yourself than others. Don't take that guilt trip.
  • Let go of hurtful events rather than reliving them over and over. 
  • Look for a solution rather than reviewing the problem. 
  • Talk to a loved one to help you sort things out or for a distraction.
  • Do something fun. Have some quick enjoyable activities ready for when you need a boost. 
How do you edit your thoughts?