Saturday, December 19, 2009

Great Tamale Caper

Tamales in Texas are a Christmas tradition. I'm from California, so this isn't native to me . . . although I've been here 22 years . . . as this story demonstrates!

About a month ago, I ordered some tamales from a coworker. Being fairly new on the job, I didn't realize I had ordered four dozen!

The day they were delivered, I was out with a stomach bug. The next day I paid for my order, which had been stowed in the office refrigerator.

Not being 100% up to speed, I ran out to another building leaving the poor tamales behind. The next day, while at another campus, I received a text from my officemate reminding me to pick up my order. I was told they were the only ones left. I called a different coworker and offered her the tamales. She also forgot to take them home.

Friday was the last day before the district closed down for Christmas Break. I had another text from my officemate reminding me again. Another coworker on my campus offered to buy them from me, so we zipped over, I ran in, snagged the bag, and flew out again.

Another telephone call from another coworker. I had taken her bag . . . which was 8 short due to a late night she had worked. I told her not to worry about this, but she insisted on leaving 8 in the freezer for me to pick up in January.

Looks like another tamale run after the break!